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Session Category :  Talk 
March 22, 2019
12:25  -  12:45

Everything we do that involves interaction with another human being is a Teaching or a Learning experience – usually both. These patterns of interaction are influenced by business, cultural and academical traditions, but they all boil down to a key set of concepts:
– How can a training be structured from desired outcomes?
– How can I effectively impart my knowledge or take it in from others?
– How can I inspire the other person to learn it for themselves or be inspired to learn?
– How can I help them (or myself) understand it applicably?
– How can I help them (or myself) retain this information?
– What can we all learn from failure/safety-to-fail (A concept championed by Cynefin practitioners like Liz Keogh)?

Personally we also have two key acceptances to make:
– Mistakes are what teach us
– There is no failure in life, only feedback

In this talk I would like to touch on how understanding how humans learn and interact can integrate with and enhance:
– a continuous improvement mindset;
– any subject cross-culturally;
– Lean/Agile consulting;
– Best/Good Practices and Heuristics usage;
– Theory of Mind (ToM)

And cover what Teaching really is as a core concept based on my years teaching and training globally with companies like Fujitsu, IBM, Sungard, Computacenter and many more. I utilise a very different (published) methodology of teaching techniques that have gained exemplary feedback from attendees.

I will attempt to inspire the audience to understand themselves how the inspiration of those you are teaching is what leads to learning concepts, and how you can open a door for a student, but they must walk through it themselves.

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