Agile Remote Team

How do you bring agile and lean rituals to a distributed environment? How do you recreate daily stand-ups and retrospectives virtually? What if most colleagues are in the same room, but one or two are dialing in?

Flexible working is the future and even the present at many organisations. True productivity and innovation comes with work-life balance. That means parents being able to pick up their kids on time. Employees being able to care for their aging relatives. The ability to work from home sometimes just for the sheer ability to concentrate.

However, remote working tends to amplify challenges teams are already facing.

At Aginext, we choose talks based on topics and speakers, looking for people actively taking agile to the next level. Coincidentally this year Aginext has five talks about maximising and motivating remote workers and distributed teams.

Where you’re a remote-first organisation looking to go agile or an agile team looking to introduce more flexible work, there are many experiences to be shared. And the lessons learned can completely be applied to teams looking to overcome pain points like meetings.