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Mike Burrows


Edward Scotcher

Agility in Mind

Portia Tung

Ocado Technology

Simon Lawrence


Dean Latchana

Latchana Consulting Ltd

Belinda Waldock

being agile

Aidan Casey

Johnson Controls

Lee Winder

Financial Services

Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

Nationwide Building Society

Suzanne Kaye Doyle


Zbigniew Piecuch


Marcus Williams


Ben Linders

Ben Linders Consulting

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo


Jenny Martin

Skills Matter

Anne Currie

Container Solutions

Mark Summers


Helen Meek



Rise of the Machines – AI in the Agile World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has catapulted us into a brave new world of self-driving cars, delivery drones and talking robots. A combination of AI technologies including advanced machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing are now set to change the way we build and deliver products enabling us to build smarter software faster. Imagine a […]

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Management & Leadership of the Agile Organisation

We know Agile is not a silver bullet, that Agile projects aren’t always successful, and adopting Agile across an organisation is hard. We are starting to understand the critical role that Management plays in the success of Agile adoption. It is not enough for an organisation to ‘bolt on’ agile practices to existing management hierarchy […]

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Guerrilla Values

Values are often defined by the upper echelons of an organisations leadership structure. But that doesn’t mean that groups can’t define their own values, and values they wish to hold, that influence their culture and the culture of the organisation as a whole. This session will walk through the process in which teams and groups […]

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80/20 and “not everybody likes to dance” rules in Agile transformation

Agile manifesto was created to help with a big problem that was present in software community: amount of projects that failed. Over fifteen years later we have strong Agile communities that are promoting it and doing everything they can to transform everyone to use Agile. As with every other solution, 80/20 rule holds: it’s easy […]

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Growing an Agile Culture

In this talk we will explore how creating a culture of agility across an organisation helps to enhance well-being, productivity and growth. We will consider what an agile culture looks like, feels like, what it means, and outcomes we might expect. We will look at how we create a better agile culture in teams, what […]

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The Complexity Toolkit: Techniques for navigating uncertainty

When we find ourselves in complex situations it’s common to fall back on the tried and trusted, however this may not always deliver the greatest value. During this session, we’ll use Cynefin as a lens to discuss how techniques including Hypothesis-Driven Development and The Mikado Method can help teams navigate the domain of complexity.

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A New Generation of Anti-Pattern: Self-Diagnosis As Solution

In the 17 years since the dissemination of the Agile Manifesto, much has changed in the world of software development, in terms of the business environments in which this development takes place and in terms of the Agile responses to the challenges presented by and inherent within both. As the Agile landscape has evolved, concurrently, […]

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Travelling Cloak – A Journey to the Powerfully Unknown

Is your Scaled Agile working? Super energise Tribe and squads through trying on the travelling cloak One of the biggest issues we have witnessed is squads having no connection to other squads in a Tribe, and Tribe leadership having limited to no connection with the squads. The learning pathways are blocked and tends to get […]

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Retrospecting your Retrospectives

Are your retrospective meetings not helping teams to improve? Same actions every time, people skip them, find them boring, lack of energy in the room? This session provides ideas to recognize retrospective smells, debug your agile retrospectives, and find out when and why they aren’t working. Let’s practice how to make retrospectives valuable again! The […]

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Business Agility, Beyond the Buzword

Agility in Mind’s Edward Scotcher will lead this discussion with three Senior leaders about why they are investing in business agility, what that means, and how they’re making it happen in their own orgisastions. Do you want more agile or a better business? With the intense pressure of change squeezing every organisation in every sector, […]

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Right to Left

What does a Lean-Agile delivery process look like? If you had to describe one, where would you start – “from the left”, with a backlog of work to plough through, or “from the right”, with needs met by working software? And does the difference in perspective matter? The difference does indeed matter; we’ll see that […]

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