Agile in Higher Education: A Survival Guide

Session Category :  Talk 
March 21, 2019
12:40  -  13:00


In this short talk, we will look at the state of agile in higher education (HE), and consider why universities have been slow to recognise and embrace agility. That the HE sector should be slow to engage and interact with agile development and organisation is remarkable, given the disruption of the sector and the erosion of its monopoly by online competition. We look at how ‘agile’ is understood and misunderstood, and used and abused, in universities, and give some brief examples of agile adoptions in universities around the world. We then describe our current work introducing agile mindset, principles and practices to online course development at The Open University, and we share our experience and insight from supporting change in this ‘mismatched’ org culture.

The HE sector is a conservative, slow-moving, risk-averse domain that shrugs off change and has little time for ‘not-invented-here’ methods and ideas. Yet more and more universities are delivering their curriculum in the form of digital products, and the global higher-education sector has never been more motivated by value and satisfaction for students and society. HE is slowly waking up to the potential of agile product development and organisational agility.

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