Business Agility, Beyond the Buzzword

Session Category :  Keynote 
March 22, 2019
09:15  -  10:15


Agility in Mind’s Edward Scotcher will lead this discussion with three Senior leaders about why they are investing in business agility, what that means, and how they’re making it happen in their own organisations.

Do you want more agile or a better business?

With the intense pressure of change squeezing every organisation in every sector, having a business that can out-manoeuvre disruption and help you out-pace your competitors has never been more crucial. The successful business leader has to focus on innovation, growth and competitive advantage often whilst driving cultural change. It’s a big ask and many are struggling to succeed. Whilst the agile principles, tools and techniques are a key enabler of
this, a better business is always the necessary outcome.

Guest Panelists:

Sonja Kresojevic – Spinnaker Consulting
Sonja Kresojevic is a passionate innovation strategist, change agent and problem solver; co-founder of Spinnaker Consulting and senior executive with 20 years of global experience transforming businesses by focusing on growth, product innovation, and digital transformation.
Most recently an SVP in the Chief Product Office at Pearson, leading the implementation of the global, award-winning innovation program. She is a sought-after speaker and a co-author of the book Lean Product Lifecycle.
Sonja spends her time between London and NY helping global organizations become more innovative under conditions of extreme uncertainty and disruption. She is passionate about advising and mentoring executives as they transition in their careers, and innovation and transformation leaders fighting the status quo in their organizations.

Paul Hoskins – National Planning Manager, Wilmott Dixon
In 23 years of working in the construction industry, following graduation as a civil engineer, Paul has become increasingly drawn towards the use of time, productivity and the future of the construction industry. Paul is responsible for the strategic approach to time across the business. He works in collaboration with regional teams to implement strategy through a range of refined tools, processes, capabilities and behaviours. One of Paul’s primary roles is to set good practice for time planning, control and collaboration. Learning lessons from inside and outside construction to continuously improve Willmott Dixons product.

Nicki Young – Global VP of Digital Products, RS Components
Nicki has been responsible for shaping significant online transformations – working to help shape teams, practices, processes and products whilst successfully improving customer experience, customer acquisition and growth in a challenging B2B retail environment. A change champion, Nicki is constantly looking at how new ways of working can make the business more competitive, relevant and profitable. Nicki attributes his focus on people and collaboration to his success – “getting the most out of talented people is the best way to build a better business”, he says.