Coaching is Applied Psychology

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 21, 2019
16:00  -  17:45


In this interactive workshop, Linda will look at the WHY and the HOW of being a manager who uses coaching alongside other leadership styles. There will be a number of short “buzz” sessions for delegates to practice some coaching techniques in pairs or small groups. Linda will share stories and examples from her experiences of working with individuals, organisations and teams to develop a coaching culture.

The workshop will cover:

    • The psychology behind a coaching approach
    • How change happens: The key factors which give rise to transformational learning
    • How your leadership style can impact engagement and performance
    • What stress does to us
    • Why attention is an antidote to stress
    • The importance of praise and recognition
    • The value of coming up with a solution ourselves
    • How questions set the stage for our thinking
    • Self-fulfilling expectancy effect
    • Uncovering motivational traits in ourselves and others