How To Fix Remote Work’s Most Troublesome Bug: Ghastly Online Meetings

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 21, 2019
10:45  -  11:30

Love remote working but hate remote meetings? This session’s for you.

Remote working has some great features. People get to avoid nightmare commutes and work from places that suit them, with a diverse bunch of skilled colleagues from all over the world. Organisations can access a wider pool of talent, and cut office costs.

But is it worth the price? Remote meetings. They’re often boring and ineffective. That leads to poor communication, misunderstandings, conflicts and broken work relationships.

In this session you’ll discover that they don’t have to be like that.

You’ll learn some simple tweaks that can turn remote meetings you attend into compelling, creative conversations.

In this highly-interactive session, remote event facilitator Judy Rees will share top tips, and crowdsource extra ideas from you.

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