Growing Coaches within your Organisation

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 22, 2019
11:45  -  12:30

This workshop will introduce you to the Agile Coaching Growth wheel that Helen and Mark have used to help their clients grow world class ScrumMasters, Agile coaches and other servant leaders.

They are the people who can help your organisation learn.  They are bar raisers, the game changers.  You are good as you are, but there’s always more you could be and they are the people who believe you can do it.

You may call them ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches, Delivery Managers, or something else. They are the empathetic provocateurs holding you accountable to the goals you set, holding up the mirror that leaves no place to hide.  They are not administrators and facilitators; they are your teams coach and an organisational change agent.  They are the organisational gardeners nurturing individuals and teams so that they grow together into something that makes you smile every time you come into work.

And yet often these people who we call ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches or Delivery Managers are prevented from becoming all that they could be, “maybe it is good enough to have an administrator and a facilitator, they can even do this job 50% or less”.  If you want to be able to continue to adapt to an ever changing world you will need more than that.  But how do we grow these organisational gardeners?