The Art of Agile

Session Category :  Workshop 
March 21, 2019
14:45  -  15:30

Yes. Fun is mandatory when you learn. It can be even more fun when you teach. In this hands-on workshop learn how to break down silos and helps create cross-organisational products.

Join us for a fully interactive workshop where teams experience the pain of siloed working when trying to create a product together. This session has been run extensively in a large complex organisation as part of the ‘why’ proposition for increasing engagement and understanding for their move to agile. It is an effective method to help kickstart an organisations understanding and mindset on the value of agile transformation. The session is designed for people who are new to agile so if you’re looking for a new and creative way to land the message in your organisation, come and join us, play and take this session away with you. We will share the pack and train the trainer notes with anybody who is interested in re-using this workshop.

Plagiarise at will!!

It helps people understand complexity in either small or large organisations.

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