Luca Minudel

Luca Minudel is a Lean-Agile Coach & Trainer with 16 years of experience in Lean/Agile and 20+ in professional software delivery.

He is passionate about agility, lean, complexity science, and co-creation.

He contributed to the adoption of lean and agile practices by Ferrari’s F1 racing team. For ThoughtWorks he delivered training, coaching, assessments and organisational transformations in top-tier organisations in Europe and the United States. He worked as Head of Agility in 4Finance, as Lean/Agile Coach and Lean/Agile Practice Lead in HSBC, and as Agile Transformation Lead in LexisNexis.

Luca is the founder and CEO at, a company that helps organisations turn their way of working into their competitive advantage.


Culture: Startups Wish They Were Bigger, Big Companies Dream of Being Startup-ish. So what?
March 22, 2019
11:45  -  12:30
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