Mark Summers


Mark started his agile journey as a ScrumMaster, helping his team develop great software using agile. In his 10+ years of experience he has seen the difference Scrum can make to people’s work lives – bringing people together to create innovative, valuable solutions for people’s problems, and that can be a lot of fun.

This made Mark want to help more people and more companies embrace Scrum’s principles. He has led teams, coached them and trained another generation of ScrumMasters and leaders to carry on the transformations that helped his team succeed.

Mark has been working with individuals, teams and organisations to help them achieve agility since 2006. As someone who has seen Scrum from both the trenches and the dugout Mark’s stories and experiences are based on implementing Scrum in lots of different environments.

Mark is an active member of the Scrum community, having organized the UK’s first Scrum Coaching Retreat. He is also a regular speaker at agile conferences in London and Europe.


Growing Coaches within your Organisation
March 22, 2019
11:45  -  12:30
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