Raji Bhamidipati


Raji has been in Software Development for over 10 years. Raji has worked primarily in testing and has now become a Scrum Master. She brings expertise and experience from both roles. She helps build outstanding agile teams. Raji is been a conference speaker for a couple of years and has previously spoken at other conferences including local meetups; peer group events such as Midlands Exploratory Workshop in Testing; National and International conferences such as Nordic Testing Days, Romanian Testing Conference, Next Generation Testing Conference, London and EuroSTAR 2015 where her talk was voted ‘Excellent’ and had also been rated as 4th best overall presentation. Raji currently works as an Agile Coach for Sainsbury’s. She blogs at: http://raji.me/


A New Generation of Anti-Pattern: Self-Diagnosis As Solution
March 21, 2019
14:45  -  15:30
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