Richard Atherton


I’m out to cause a transformation in how people lead and manage organisations. As the twin forces of increasing complexity and automation continue to play out, it is our human qualities that will become ever more important. I’m stand for my clients getting the very best from their people.

My major technical interest is in helping others to apply learnings from the complexity sciences, neuroscience and psychology to the art of leading change.

I’ve been a consultant and coach for more than 15 years. In that time I’ve cut code, written industry articles and designed change initiatives. I have coached development teams on lean and agile working methods, mentored senior leaders and managed major business transformations. I’ve also helped to create twin boys.

In my coaching and consulting experience, I’ve found that the answers always lie within – I help you to delve deep enough until the next right action becomes clear.

I have helped some major clients achieve significant breakthroughs. These include the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Universal Pictures International, Barclays, Global Citizen, Sainsbury’s and The Telegraph Group.


Practices of the Vital Organisation
March 21, 2019
13:45  -  14:30
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