Our speakers and meetups partners are organising training and event this spring.


Mike Burrows – April 4 – 5: 2-day Advanced Agendashift workshop: Coaching and Leading Continuous Transformation

Magdalena Firlit – March 11 – 12: Professional Scrum Master in Copenhagen, Denmark

Magdalena Firlit – April 4 – 5: Professional Scrum with Kanban in Warsaw, Poland

Magdalena Firlit – April 8 – 9: Professional Scrum Master II in Krakow, Poland 

Ben Linders – May 9: Agile Game Workshop — London

Ben Linders – May 22: Restrospective Workshop — Krakaw

Chris Lukassen – May 13: Product Leadership

Chris Lukassen – June 13: Advanced Product Ownership

Jenny Martin – March 27 – 29: Fast Track to BDD – Successful Delivery through Continuous Collaboration

Jenny Martin – April 29 – Giving engaging Technical talks at Meetups and Conferences

Helen Meek – April 11-12: Certified Lean Kanban Foundation — Speaker Helen on how Kanban is an agile technique for managing the product development process in a highly efficient way.

Helen Meek – May 23-24: Certified Kanban Management Professional [KMP2] — Helen is back on how Lean principles apply to the entire organisation, alongside Kanban. Both of Helen’s events are London-based.

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo – March 18-19: Certified SAFe Agilist (SAFE SA) – Leading SAFe – Almudena will lead you in learning the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe), how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, and what it means to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale.

Judy Rees – February 4, 1pm GMT: Facebook Live: Brexit What-Ifs: In case half your team suddenly goes remote — In this live conversation with speaker Judy, we will look to answer the following questions. FREE
* What could you do if half your team suddenly goes remote?
* What if someone on your team can’t suddenly make it to the office?
* How can you help make sure to adapt your communication to maintain or even raise your level of team engagement?
* Plus your questions!

Edward ScotcherBusiness Agility Training

Maciej Sowinski – April 15-16: New Trends in Project Management in Gdansk

Mark Summers – March 13: Advanced Certified Scrum Master — Organized by Mark, this London-based event is part of the Scrum Alliance’s Path to Certified Scrum Professional

Mark Summers – April 16-17: Certified Agile Leadership 1 with Pete Behrens

Portia Tung – June 17 – 19: Enterprise Agile Transformation



February 13: London Dev Community: London Dev Coffee at Costa
You are a morning person and like coffee? Join us at the London Dev Coffee. We will talk about software development, architecture, conferences, meetup organisation & and drink coffee, lots of coffee! FREE

Emma Hopkinson-Spark – February 20: Agile Coaching Exchange: Agile 101 The RPG (Role Playing Game). A spin off of Dungeons & Dragons, but you’ll be a Developer or a Product Manager; and instead of running off to slay a (poor defenseless) dragon, you’ll be working together to get your product to market and as many users as possible. Twenty-sided dice, character cards, quests and random events are also there to trip you up, or help you along. FREE

Craig Larman – March 19: Scrum Event: Scrum Event & AWA: More with LeSS: What do you want to know? with Craig – the co-creator of LeSS – will lead a 90-minute QnA at this Scrum Event & AWA community Meetup. FREE

Luca Minudel – March 28: Agile Leadership Works! Luca presents – Project Management in the Age of Accelerated Change An Agile introduction for traditional Project Managers, managing a digital product delivery the Agile way. FREE

Zuzi Sochova – February 19: Adventures with Agile: Bringing Down the Vision
Large-scale facilitation and systemic coaching series, facilitated by Zuzi, an ORSC Practitioner and a Certified Scrum Trainer. FREE