Day One: Thursday 21 March 2019

21st MarchRoom 1Room 2Room 3
Room 4
08:30Registration and Breakfast
09:15Keynote -
Right to Left by Mike Burrows
10:45How to Navigate Out of Hell by Katherine KirkManagement and Leadership of the Agile Organisation by Christopher DaviesWhat to Build First: Goal Oriented MVP by Tatiana Kolesnikova and Arvid TorsetHow To Fix Remote Work's Most Troublesome Bug: Ghastly Online Meetings by Judy Rees and Steve McCann
11:45How (and why) to factor tech ethics into your sprint by Jennifer Riggins
DevOps Strategy: Let’s put an end to the 'War of the Roses'
by Almudena Rodriguez Pardo
Lessons Learned Scrum Mastering Distributed Teams
by Antonio Cobo
Playful Leadership: How to enable transformational change and have fun doing it by Portia Tung
12:30Lunch BreakShort Talks
12:40 Agile in Higher Education: A Survival Guide by Matthew Moran

13:10 Stop Doing Agile and Embrace Modern Product Management by Pedro Teixeira

Short Workshop
12:40 Sample Some Meditation Techniques by Katherine Kirk

13:45Panel Debate – Is there a difference between Agile and Business Agility?
Growing Adaptive Organizations by Andrea Provaglio Practices of the Vital Organisation by Richard Atherton Travelling Cloak: A Journey to the Powerfully Unknown by Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning and Suzanne Kaye Doyle
14:45The User Journey of a Refugee: How we introduced an Agile Mindset to the Non-Profit Sector by Stephanie Gasche MOOtopia - Evolving the Spotify Model at MOO by Claire Donald A New Generation of Anti-Pattern: Self-Diagnosis As Solution by Raji BhamidipatiThe Art of Agile by Kylie Yearsley
15:30Afternoon Break15:35 Speed Networking

16:00Death by User Stories by Jenny Martin
Rise of the Machines - AI in the Agile World by Aidan Casey Coaching is Applied Psychology by Linda Marshall Product Thinking with Innovation Games by Maciej Sowinski
17:00Working Remotely and Managing Remote Teams by Charles Humble The Complexity Toolkit: Techniques for navigating uncertainty by Simon Lawrence and Marcus Williams

Day Two: Friday 22 March 2019

22rd MarchRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
08:30Registration and Breakfast
09:15Keynote -
Business Agility, Beyond the Buzzword by Edward Scotcher
10:45The Chameleon Effect: Business Agility and Adaptability Lessons by Stephen ParryStop Having Static Teams, Start Moving People to the Work! by Julien Lavigne du Cadet

Thursday is the new Friday – The 4-Day Working Week by Brindusa Axon and Stuart Nelson
Retrospecting Your Retrospectives by Ben Linders
11:45Orchestrating Continuous Experiments by Matteo CavucciCulture: Startups wish they were bigger, big companies dream of being startup-ish. So what? by Luca Minudel Business Agility Increasing your Organisations Competitiveness by Dean Latchana
Growing Coaches within your Organisation by Mark Summers and Helen Meek
Lunch BreakShort Talks
12:40 How Organizations Prevent Themselves from Being Agile by Magdalena Firlit
13:10 Organisational Agile Coaches - Should They be Permanent Employees? by Sue Bramhall
13:45State of Agile Using Wardley Maps by Philippe GuenetEstablishing Business Agility at the Bank by Dee Wauchope and Julian Holmes
Growing an Agile Culture by Belinda Waldock Product Leadership Lessons From the Samurai by Chris Lukassen
14:45Did we leave leaders behind? by Tomasz KropiewnickiMore Than a Scrum Master by Ian Mitchell
80/20 and “not everybody likes to dance” rules in Agile transformation by Zbigniew Piecuch
15:30Afternoon Break
16:00Boost your team’s productivity with a powerful visual management! by Artur Margonari Diversity Chocolate and Safe Cracking by John Le Drew
Sponsored TalkThe Four Horsemen of Toxic Behaviour by Raquel Silva
17:00All-hands conference 'Sprint Review'
18:00Farewell drinks
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