What makes Aginext really special is its community. Our conference has more than doubled in size in just three years because of our amazing speakers and attendees, together dedicated to taking agile from buzzword to transformation. Deciding whether Aginext is for you? Don’t take our word for it — take theirs!

‘Agile is dead! Long live agile!’
By Carsten Grønbjerg Lützen

‘At the conference a lot of my beliefs were broken down and then put back together again with much stronger arguments and validity. I learned so much new and there is so much I need to learn afterwards.’

Carsten’s reflection on the 2018 Aginext Conference discusses:

  • The death and revitalisation of agile
  • The origins of agile: ‘uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.’
  • Celebrating failures
  • Starting to play with processes and tools, learning along the way

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‘The #Aginext conference was definitely the best #Agile conference that I’ve attended’
By Ania Kierczynska

‘This was the first conference that I've ever attended with advanced agile and leadership topics.
‘It was packed with fantastic talks and workshops spread over a couple of themes: the Future of Agile, Agile Mindset, Agile Product and Agile Performance. I heard about this event through my friend Adam Polczyk, who was a speaker. The venue, food and organisation were all great and this was the first conference that I have ever attended with advanced Agile and leadership topics.’

Ania’s coverage of the 2017 Aginext Conference shares insights from the following talks:

  • Portia Tung on the Power of Hope and the Curiosity Carousel
  • Helen Lisowski on Playing the Chaos Lottery
  • Lisette Sutherland on Remote Teams
  • Adam Polyczyk on Performance Management
  • Tobias Meyer on the Teal Shade of Agile
  • Jennifer Riggins on a Culture of Documentation


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‘Re-Energizing My Mind at an Exciting New Conference’
By Helen Lisowski

‘It had many brilliant people I had never met before, and just as many brilliant people whom it is my pleasure to already know. This conference was much more about the agile mindset than about the mechanics or tool sets. How our brains work, why they work that way, was very much the order of the day. Portia Tung’s keynote about how everything that motivates us comes from a place of hope, set the tone perfectly. Her presentation style was as relaxed, and friendly as ever. She almost disguised the science she was sharing – not quite, but then, I was looking for it!’

Helen’s coverage of the 2017 Aginext Conference shares insights from the following talks:

  • Lisette Sutherland on Successful Remote Working
  • Gez Smith on Agile in a Marketing Environment
  • Tobias Mayer’s Physically Agile Workshop
  • Rickard Jones and Chris Nikitas on Coaching Vertical Slicing of Microservices


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